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  • After having acquired our main VAR of France in early 2002, we needed to hire an executive with broad management vision, understanding our worldwide strategy, while knowing the European/French market, and being immediately operational in direct sales ensuring short term revenue. 01CONSULTING was able to satisfy all these needs. As of the first quarter, the revenue in the region grew drastically. For 2003, we had a rebuilt French team of about 25 people generating around $5M, growing at 150% per year in revenue, and 300% per year in profit, with not less than 50 new accounts. France became a top performing region worldwide under the leadership of 01CONSULTING.

    — Scott Rudy, VP Worldwide Sales, PTC —
  • Darius was able to articulate several key challenges in the MEDDIC process and Champion building which are applicable globally. This really helped ours sales teams get unified in our process and communications. The engagement with the sales team was fantastic which was a strong confirmation that they got it and were ready to adopt a better way to approach selling. The feedback from the team after the event was great and there is no doubt that his actions directly impacted that year’s sales results. I highly recommend Darius.

    — Ed Williams, CEO / BRNI, Autodesk —
  • We wanted a sales intervention around MEDDIC to be carried out to evaluate gaps in our sales processes. After evaluating multiple options we engaged with Darius and it was a wonderful experience. His analysis of gaps and recommendations was sharp and actionable. We implemented some of these and the result is that 12 months out, our monthly revenue is 3x of what it was 12 months back.

    — Rajeev Agrawal, CEO, Innoviti Payment Solutions —
  • We connected with Darius to support our annual kick off meeting with a challenge to introduce the MEDDIC qualification methodology. Although the time was short, with only 2 x 4 hour sessions, Darius managed to articulate the message, and most importantly he involved every person in the room. Our staff left the sessions with an important, new, view on the basic criteria of qualifying a sales opportunity from both a technical and commercial perspective. Darius’s experience and his ability to transmit the MEDDIC methodology into simple, logical steps based on actual scenarios, resulted in a significant step forward in our teams ability to approach sales opportunities in a far more structured manner. I can highly recommend Darius to deliver strategic methodologies in a form that is simple to follow, entertaining to experience, and of high value to any sales or technical organization.

    — Peter Moorhouse, VP Sales and Marketing, OPTIS —
  • During the past years, we had received regular information on the global level from traditional analysis firms, regarding the worldwide PLM market with some data about Europe. But we were lacking detailed analysis with more focus on Europe, and on different European countries. We were also interested to know about the MCAD part of the market, as well as the rest of the PLM, within different industries to better prepare our marketing plans in each country. This report  is concise, neutral , professional and factual avoiding too many comments, and providing organized data and useful estimations.

    — Aurelio Carlone, VP Marketing Europe, Think3 —
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